H. Keijser. Photo by Cas Oorthuys
Keijser foundation
The Keijser Foundation was founded by H. Keijser shortly before his death in 1988.

In the deed H. Keijser formulated the objective of the foundation as follows: "The promotion of the study of the cultural history of the rattle and rattle instruments as they occur in all cultures since ancient times, with an emphasis on the study of the rattle as a phenomenon in the Christian world, especially in connection with the magical, symbolic and sacred meaning of the pomegranate as found in its Old Testament based use since the sixteenth century and otherwise."

The Keijser Foundation is committed to preserve the Keijser collection and Keijsers legacy and research for future generations by creating this website, inventorising and photographing the entire collection. The collection is available for exhibitions and long term loans to museums in exchange of research details which will be published on the website.


Abraham W. Rosenberg, chairman
Charlotte E. van Rappard-Boon, secretary
Ine Everaers, treasurer
Eefje M.C. van der Weijden
Jop C. Rosenberg Polak

Should you require additional information or have remarks or questions, please contact us by mail:

E: stichtingkeijser@gmail.com
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