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Move the cursor at the top of the time bar to a time period of your choice (per 50 years) for an overview of objects per period. Archaeological objects are under the heading 'before 1600'. Undated objects under the heading 'unknown'. By clicking on an image you can click through to the object information.

The remaining part of the Keijser collection is published in parts under the heading curiosities. This concerns a wide variety of objects on which a pomegranate or rattle can be seen. From antique Chinese porcelain to a smurf with a rattle, paintings, prints and more, which were part of Keijser's collections.

Select and save objects

To select one or more objects and download the data, check the box 'add to list' above the object data. After your selection is complete, click on 'list' to download a PDF with object data.

Silver marks and additional images and information

Some of the marks or inscriptions have been photographed, or there is other  additional information or a detailed image. These files can be found at the bottom right of the screen under 'download information'.
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