Rattle by Hester Bateman, c. 1779-80
Inv. No. 0353
Hester Bateman
A baby's rattle by Hester Bateman

This rare silver rattle was made in London in 1779-80 by the female silversmith Hester Bateman (1708-1791). The Bteman family workshop was well known in the 18th century for it's simple but stylish silverware, ofted decorated with finely engraved decorations of dots and lines.
Bateman's silver varied from personal jewelry to table silver. Up to this day a silver staff, made by the Bateman family, is in use at the St. Paul's Cathedral in London. 

Apart from being a talented silvermith Hester Bateman must have been a strong woman. After her husband John passed away in 1760 she managed -while taking care of their six children- to establish a very sucessfull company.

When Hester retired in 1791 at the age of 82 (!) her sons John, Peter, Jonathan, William and daughter in law Ann continued the firm. Hester passed away three years after.


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Further information:

For details see Inv. Nr. 0353. For other rattles made by the Bateman family see Inv. nr. 0123, Inv. nr. 0124 en Inv. nr. 0019
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