The collection research has started...
The collection consists of more than 700 baby rattles and teethers from all times and cultures and over 230 other items. A large part of the collection has been photographed and included in the website, but the inventory of the collection and research into the rattles is still in progress.

This website was commissioned by the Keijser Foundation and made by Moving Target under the guidance of Bart Overes.
Technical relisation: Harco Faber.
Photography by Peter Lange who combines his work at the collection department of the Amsterdam Jewish Historical Museum with his work as a photographer, amongst others for private collections.
The content of the website as well as the project managing is organized by Mirjam Knotter with registration assistance by Demelza van der Maas.
Children's cutlery and rattle from Birmingham
Let us introduce ourselves: Mirjam Knotter and Demelza van der Maas
Mirjam Knotter (MA) is art historian and curator at the Amsterdam Jewish Historical Museum and the Amsterdam Portuguese Synagogue, and specialized in Jewish ceremonial heritage.

Demelza van der Maas (Phd.) is specialized in cultural studies, and works as a researcher and lecturer at the VU University Amsterdam.
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