New photos soon online
A new part of the collection of mainly 20th century rattles is being photographed. The photos will be shown online in the next few weeks.
Jamestown rattle
Archeologists discover a rattle in Jamestown
This baby's rattle with teether was found in a dwell in Jamestown, where a group of English colonist settled in the early 17th century. For more information and a video of the conservation of the rattle, click on this link.
Rattle excavated in Anatolia
During excavations by the archeology department of the Ankara University in the former trading colony of Kültepe Kani?-Karum (Anatolia), a rattle was excavated that dates from around 4,000 years before the era.

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Article: The Pomegranate Garden
The very idea of pomegranate carpet expresses a longing for the mythical original garden. A garden is the fantastic place in which to contemplate beauty and the mysteries of nature. A magic place, a safe haven, where man by tending flowers, plants and trees, nurtures the most intimate and delicate part of his being: a garden is a place of the soul.

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Coral and Bells exhibition in Belgium 2009
The Silvermuseum Sterckhof (Antwerp area) organised the coral and bells "Klatergoud en zilveren bellen" exhibition in 2009-2010 and published an impressive catalog. [see more information under research-publications]

further information:click on this link

Baby rattles at auction in 2007
In the digital archive of the Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion are 171 silver baby rattles, which were auctioned in 2007. To see the auction click on this link

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